New-Media ‘News’: Do We Know What We Think We Know?

“Has technology’s ability to deliver information at such a rapid pace corrupted us? It’s one thing to marvel at how social media sites have helped spread Iranian news we might not have attained due to censorship — and with such timeliness; it’s quite another to have become a culture that prizes speed over confirmed facts. … Continue reading “New-Media ‘News’: Do We Know What We Think We Know?”

Go To Graduate School In Twittering!

“A university is to offer a master’s degree teaching students about social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. The £4,400 MA in Social Media will also explain how to set up blogs and publish podcasts. The one-year course at Birmingham City University will consider social networking sites as communications and marketing tools.”

Is The Web The New Rock ‘n Roll?

“Forty years ago, music was leading a social revolution, disrupting the establishment and empowering a new generation. Today’s web technology and social media, known as Web 2.0, or the second wave of the internet, are leading a similar challenge and the long-term effects are likely to be greater. Once again we are divided into those … Continue reading “Is The Web The New Rock ‘n Roll?”