Top Posts From AJBlogs 07.05.16

This Week in Audience: Boston Ballet’s Dive Into Data
This week: Boston Ballet has done some serious data diving to produce a successful season at the box office … NPR is finding gold in podcasts … When news becomes unmoored from its sources, do we care? … A “young” (didn’t know it was a noun, eh?) declares what will get “youngs” to the arts … Will the machines eventually determine our tastes in art? … read more
AJBlog: AJ Arts Audience Published 2016-07-05

When communities become markets, citizens become consumers, and culture becomes an exploitable products
A couple weeks back I had the privilege to give a talk in Christchurch, NZ at an event called The Big Conversation—hosted by Creative New Zealand, the major arts funding body for the country. … read more
AJBlog: Jumper Published 2016-07-05

Injured Elvis’ Secret Tryst with Conservators: SFMOMA’s Neal Benezra Tells All
Journalists (including me) extracted only minimal information from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s press office about the “minimal” damage suffered by Warhol‘s celebrated “Triple Elvis [Ferus type],” 1963, … But Neal Benezra, the museum’s director, was more forthcoming when I caught up with him last week … read more
AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2016-07-05

Monday Recommendation: John Hollenbeck
John Hollenbeck Claudia Quintet, Super Petite (Cuneiform) Hollenbeck’s little band has unity of thought, purpose and execution more often found in long-lived classical ensembles than in jazz. The difference, of course, is improvisation. … read more
AJBlog: RiffTides Published 2016-07-04

‘Dadaglobe’ — Show vs. Catalogue
Although “Dadaglobe Reconstructed”at MoMA is a magnificent project of deep-dive reclamation, the catalogue that recreates Tristan Tzara’s never-realized Dadaglobe anthology also recreates the limitations of Tzara’s original concept. … read more
AJBlog: Straight|Up Published 2016-07-05