Rembrandt Soup For The Gullible Soul

These days, it seems as if self-help books can turn anything on Earth into an inspirational get-up-and-go speech. “And now the popularization of artists and museums has yielded something else to feel ambivalent about: the first art-focused self-help book, ‘How Rembrandt Reveals Your Beautiful, Imperfect Self: Life Lessons From the Master.’ [Roger] Housden’s book is largely focused on Rembrandt’s renowned self-portraits, in which he charted the changes in his visage from cocky youthful promise to destitute old age. The gist is that despite Rembrandt’s all-too-human flaws, he at least had the courage to repeatedly face himself in the mirror – and we can learn from this example.” Hey! You in the back! Quit rolling your eyes! Housden is actually (we think) serious.