Boal’s Last Dance

“Tomorrow afternoon, [Peter Boal] will dance his last performance with the company before moving with his family to Seattle to become artistic director of the Pacific Northwest Ballet… Even today, as he moves into his 40’s, Mr. Boal looks ready to soar at any moment. His dancing is purely, effortlessly classical, the line of his well-proportioned body seeming to fall easily into place. He made up for a body that was relatively short and slight for hefting ballerinas into midair with calm elegance and courtesy as a partner… Some of the best and certainly the most interesting dancers have been men and women who had to overcome shortcomings, often of ‘imperfect’ ballet bodies or of training that started later than the ideal. To work harder to reach perfection is to understand the art more thoroughly and to hunger for it in a way unknown to those for whom dancing comes easily.”