Finally, A New Way For Newspapers To Make Money!

“Paul Martin Hennessey really, really, really wants Josh Hartnett to star in his movie. Hennessey, a retired union executive who lives in a double-wide trailer on 40 acres outside the tiny Missouri town of Alton, is a budding screenwriter. He believes he has the hottest script this side of Hollywood, and he says it would be perfect for Hartnett.” So, after three years of being unable to get his script anywhere near his chosen leading man, Hennessey took a bizarre step, taking out a $990 half-page ad in City Pages, the alternative newsweekly of the Twin Cities, from whence Hartnett hails. The ad took the form of an open letter to Hartnett, explaining the reason for Hennessey’s unusual method of making contact, and begging the actor to have a look at the script.