The UK’s Freedom Of Speech Debate

“There is the choice that faces our increasingly multicultural society. We can try to defend an ever growing number of “cultures”, defined by religion, race, ethnic tradition or sexual preference, from public comment they regard as grossly offensive. There’s a case for this, but let’s be clear what it will mean. The result must inevitably be that we shall have less free speech. Future historians may look back on the last three decades of the 20th century as a high point of freedom of expression, never to be achieved again. There may be a net gain in other public goods – such as civic peace – but there’ll be a net loss of liberty. Alternatively, we can take the view that, precisely because Britain is increasingly multicultural, all variations of religion, all “cultures” – including, of course, atheism, devout Darwinism, etc – should get used to living with a higher degree of public offence.”