Baryshnikov: In Search Of A Repertoire

Mikhail Baryshnikov is on a solo one-man tour across America (raising money for his new dance center). “Why is Baryshnikov wasting time with mediocre choreography? One notes that he is stiff across the shoulders and neck, that the flexibility in his hips has diminished, that his jump lifts him inches, not feet, yet he is still Baryshnikov – still an incomparably beautiful mover. Still a riveting dramatic presence. Still in possession of the expertly timed look and musical phrasing, still capable of sweeping turns and wonderfully fluid motion. Part of the problem is that there is no repertory for the middle-aged ex-virtuoso. To continue performing at an age when few others would dare to step onstage, Baryshnikov has to have works custom-made…”