NAJP Chooses New Arts Journalism Fellows

“The National Arts Journalism Program (NAJP) at Columbia University has selected this year’s fellows. In a departure from previous years, all seven of the critics and arts writers chosen for the program will participate in a research project – Reporting the Arts II – which will follow up on a 1999 study which measured arts coverage in 10 cities across America. This year’s fellows include: Caryn Brooks, arts and culture editor, Willamette Week; Willa Conrad, classical music critic, Star-Ledger (Newark); Paul de Barros, jazz and world music critic, The Seattle Times; Bill Goldstein, books editor, The New York Times on the Web, and contributing editor, WNBC-TV; Laurie Muchnick, book editor, Newsday; Valerie Takahama, staff writer, Orange County Register; Lily Tung, segment producer and writer, KRON TV (San Francisco).”