“About 846 million new CDs were sold last year. But at least six billion MP3 files were downloaded from the Net in the same period. Although a medium still in its infancy, MP3 threatens to effect the most far-reaching changes in the way we listen to, store, think about and (crucially for the music business) pay for music since Thomas Edison recorded Mary Had a Little Lamb onto a wax cylinder in 1877.” – London Telegraph

Source: London Telegraph


Walt Disney was said to have said after watching the original “Fantasia.” Now there’s an update – here’s a blow-by-blow description. – Toronto Globe and Mail

Source: Toronto Globe and Mail


The Three Tenors road show has gotten embarrassing, especially as heard in a San Jose sports arena through a sound system that must have cost all of $9.98. “Comparing these singers with their decade-old selves is not flattering. The luster has dimmed considerably even from the internationally televised Paris World Cup concert two years ago.” – San Francisco Examiner

  • A contrary view: “Heartwarming and often very beautiful. And to hear the unique blend of these three voices in their over-the- top encore of “Torna a Surriento” as the crowd roared is to feel the immensely sensual power of music. It is a lucky universe that boasts these stars.” – San Francisco Chronicle 12/31/99
Source: San Francisco Examiner