Capturing The Face Of Death

“Death doesn’t lie, so death masks – a cast of the face in wax or plaster, taken just hours after breath has gone – promise truthful representations of the departed. In an era before photography, these masks give us each beauty and blemish, a living presence in unchanging material. But how were they made? And what is their uncanny allure?”

Space Web: The Net Breaks The Bonds Of Earth

“The interplanetary internet now has its first permanent node in space, aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The new software will make sending data from space less like using the telephone, and more like using the web … [and] could one day allow data to flow between Earth, spacecraft, and astronauts automatically, creating what is being dubbed the ‘interplanetary internet’.”

Twitter, Twitterati, Twitterverse Enter The Lexicon, Literally

“Twitter has gained academic respectability with inclusion in the Collins English Dictionary. The social networking tool, which has 1.8 million users, will be listed in the 30th anniversary edition to be published later this year. The website, which allows users to send brief online updates to their friends and family, will [appear] as both a noun and a verb.”

Drabinsky, Gottlieb Face Sentencing For Livent Fraud

“The sentencing hearing for former Broadway producers Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb got under way Monday in Toronto, with the prosecution calling for a sentence of eight to 10 years for each defendant. … Charged in October 2002 with cooking the books at Livent, the now-defunct legit production company they co-founded, the two men were convicted March 25 on two counts of fraud and one of forgery, bilking investors of about C$500 million ($430 million). “