How It Cost $54 Million To Produce “Spider-Man”

Financial statements submitted this month to New York State by the production detail how the show spent $9 million — a sum equal to the entire production cost for the hit musical “The Book of Mormon” — on sets, costumes and shoes. (Remember that dance number, now jettisoned, in which the six-legged spiderwomen flashed a lot of footwear?)

Source: The New York Times 06/23/11

Australian Study: Where’s The Meaningful OnlIne Arts Content?

“Research commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts has identified a gap in supply and demand for meaningful online content. People want to use digital media at all stages of what the study calls the arts “attendance journey”: from learning about a show or exhibition, to buying tickets and sharing the experience at the event or afterwards.”

Source: The Australian 06/23/11

Movie Made With Flip Cams Gets Theatrical Release

The 30-year-old Silver Lake resident made “A Love Affair of Sorts” with just two $300 Flip camcorders, an actor he barely knows and a budget of $1,600. He’s not just showing it in his living room, though: The movie, apparently the first Flip cam movie to get a U.S. theatrical release, will open Friday in cinemas in L.A. and New York.

Source: Los Angeles Times 06/23/11

With $11M In Pledges, Philadelphia Orchestra Begins Climb Out Of Bankruptcy

“The Philadelphia Orchestra Association Wednesday announced an aid package worth a potential $45 million – a substantial start to its $160 million drive to help the orchestra emerge from bankruptcy and become stable. The funding includes only $11.2 million in outright gifts and pledges. The rest is being dangled.”

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer 06/23/11