Fela Kuti’s Children Keep The Family Flame Alight

Bill T. Jones’s musical about the late Nigerian superstar has stormed Broadway and sparked an international resurgence of interest in his music. Back in Lagos, son Femi is a major musician in his own right, and daughter Yeni runs the city’s music mecca, New Afrika Shrine. They’re bemused by the international Fela revival and furious that the rich men their father railed against might co-opt the hit show.

Source: The Independent (UK) 03/23/10

Ten Survival Tips For Aspiring Directors

John Caird: “I love being a director. But the job is not as simple as it looks, and getting into the game can be a painful business. The problem is you can’t learn this complicated craft without doing it – yet no one will employ you unless you’ve already proved you have some aptitude for it. And you can’t direct all on your own. You need actors and a play and a theatre.”

Source: The Guardian (UK) 03/23/10

Street Dance Hits Britain’s Mainstream

There’s a “boom in street dance, which is edging into the mainstream and changing the landscape of dance. No longer associated with urban, or even suburban centres, it’s reaching into the heartlands.” The form is changing theatre and television as well. (And it was a street-dance group that beat Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent.)

Source: The Guardian (UK) 03/23/10

Jean Nouvel To Design Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

“The dramatic design, which consists of bright red geometric panels with retractable awnings, is part of the gallery’s annual series of temporary summer works. Visitors will find the Pritzker prize-winning architect’s pavilion has been rendered in pillar-box red, to contrast with the lush green lawns of Hyde Park.”

Source: The Guardian (UK) 03/23/10