How iTunes Saved The Music Business

Music played an outsize role in the evolution of the internet. As Larry Lessig put in Free Culture: “Filesharing music was the crack cocaine of the internet’s growth. It drove demand for access to the internet more powerfully than any other single application.” Jobs became the first licensed dealer in that drug and iTunes provided the saddle … Continue reading “How iTunes Saved The Music Business”

Dear iTunes, Thanks For Saving The Music Industry From Itself

In 2001, the music industry “faced an existential threat” because its “vanquishing of Napster turned out to be a pyrrhic victory: the genie had escaped from the bottle. Dozens of filesharing systems had come into being.” iTunes (even though it’s now bloated and terrible and leaving) “was a revelation,” and made paying for music online … Continue reading “Dear iTunes, Thanks For Saving The Music Industry From Itself”

iTunes, In Memoriam

Now that Apple is moving beyond iTunes, it’s worth remembering how revolutionary iTunes was. Before the iTunes Music Store, your best bet to find music online was through a file-sharing site like Napster. Your only legal options were either niche storefronts, or label-specific ones, none of them user-friendly. iTunes brought purchasing music online into the … Continue reading “iTunes, In Memoriam”

Classical Music Is Broken Online. What iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music And The Others Should Do About It

It’s difficult to find music, hard to catalog, and just an overall pain in the neck to manage. The problem? “We’re treating around 300 years of music from various countries, forms, philosophies, and so on as one genre. As far as modern commercial music, we don’t group the past 50 years together” – Mac Rumors

Under Mounting Pressure, Apple Removes InfoWars Podcasts From iTunes

And Apple isn’t alone: “Apple has removed a number of podcasts created by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his InfoWars site from the Podcasts app and iTunes store. The decision to remove the content comes as Facebook also censures Jones, un-publishing four of the radio host’s pages this morning for violating the social network’s rules … Continue reading “Under Mounting Pressure, Apple Removes InfoWars Podcasts From iTunes”