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The New York Philharmonic’s New Hall Is An Opportunity To Rethink The Orchestra Experience (And Amplify It)
Last week Michael Cooper made a plea to the New York Philharmonic for some upgrades to the concert amenity experience when the orchestra overhauls Geffen Hall in 2019. … I’d like to second his suggestions and add a few. … read more
AJBlog: diacritical/Douglas McLennan Published 2016-09-13

Reflections on a Symposium
Last week I provided daily summaries of The Robert E. Gard Foundation’s Our Communities: A Symposium on the Arts … With the advantage of a few days distance (and rest) it’s probably worthwhile to lay out a little more of the “sense” of the gathering. … read more
AJBlog: Engaging Matters Published 2016-09-13

Regrets, I’ve had a few
Five things I wish I could do:
• Speak French • Sing really well • Play bridge • Dance • Cook
Five things I wish I had:
• A Morandi etching • A grand piano …read more
AJBlog: About Last Night Published 2016-09-13