Currently one of Europe’s most celebrated choreographers, Angelin Preljocaj sees the political in the poetic and his revisionist “Romeo and Juliet,” soon to premiere in London, is no exception. “We are plunged into a future-world in which the streets have become war zones policed by leather-clad cybercops and Romeo doesn’t just hop over Juliet’s garden wall, he first has to slit the throat of one of her machine gun-toting bodyguards.” – London Times


“Last month, in a shocking putsch on the eve of the fall season, the Kremlin announced it had fired the Bolshoi’s director, the legendary ballet dancer Vladimir Vasilyev, and replaced him with a team of business-oriented managers. The coup was planned with such secrecy that Russian journalists compared it with a KGB operation.” But can the company be saved? – The Globe and Mail (Toronto)


It’s not so easy being a male dancer, writes one of Canada’s most famous male dancers. “Working for four hours at a stretch, without a break, trying to get it perfect, is fine if you are the one being lifted. For the lifter, it is not so fine. It is gruelling. Perfection, in this instance, can go hand in hand with abuse of another human being. It is so very easy for the man in classical ballet to feel resentful, depressed, discouraged, even vindictive, as he fights to be a worthy partner, dancing behind the ballerina, trying to display her at her best.” – Ottawa Citizen