Six months after Australian Ballet artistic director Ross Stretton announced his departure, the company fills his position: 36 year-old David McAllister, a principal dancer in the company for 11 years. While lacking the managerial experience and international contacts of his predecessor, McAllister is said to be well-liked by the dancers and intends to focus his energies on re-connecting with contacts abroad. – The Age (Melbourne)

  • SOMETHING OF A SURPRISE: “Some expressed concern about his lack of management experience and that he had not danced for any length of time with any other company.” The Australian‘s Melbourne dance critic said he was “absolutely gobsmacked by the appointment, having rated McAllister as an outside chance”. The Australian 08/31/00


While some were surprised by Russian president Vladimir Putin’s dismissal of Bolshoi director Vladimir Vasilyev this week, others were not. “While critics could forgive Mr. Vasilyev his shortcomings as an administrator, they were angry about his failure to revive the Bolshoi artistically. His staging of ‘Swan Lake’ was deemed a flop, but what critics found even more dismaying was his inability to introduce the new ideas he had promised when appointed.” – New York Times


Choreographer Jiri Kylian is in Australia to stage his work “Bela Figura” with the Australian Ballet. But he’s surprised that some dancers and the media are fretting over the fact that the female dancers are topless. “I know it is just that they are not used to it. But in Europe it is so natural that dancers don’t think anything of it.” – The Age (Melbourne)


New York’s cabaret law bans dancing in nightclubs that lack a cabaret license. “The law was originally designed to crack down on Prohibition-era speakeasies and Harlem jazz clubs, but had lain dormant for over 70 years. That was until Giuliani’s administration dusted it off about four years ago and began enforcing it against legal nightclubs.” – Village Voice


Ohio Ballet is on the ropes – artistically and financially. “This is a shocking predicament for a 32-year-old dance troupe that has long maintained a reputation for no-frills productions and fiscal responsibility. Over the years, many subscribers said they preferred the Akron company’s bare-bones style to the extravagance of Cleveland San Jose Ballet, and they also appreciated the skillful management and strong board commitment that kept Ohio Ballet from having to beg for bailouts.” – The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)


Protestors will undoubtedly line the streets outside the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles next week. Surprisingly, a sizable number of them will be dancers – many of whom performed thematic “protest dances” in Seattle last December. “They just didn’t know what to think of us. I guess it’s pretty hard to arrest a dance company.” – LA Weekly