Arthur Danto is a prominent philosopher as well as art critic for The Nation. “Philosophers, at least in theory, are seekers after truth. Truth, the poet says, is beauty. Thus it makes perfect sense that Danto, who philosophizes by day, should moonlight as one of America’s best-known art critics.” – Boston Globe


You may take for granted that thin, glossy free program the smiling ushers hand out to you as you enter the theatre, but you should keep in mind not all arts-goers in the world are as fortunate as you: Says one deprived Australian, “Why can’t our theatres offer free, or at least cheap, information? Why do we pay six, 12, even 15 dollars for what should be a basic audience service?” – Sydney Morning Herald


Shipwrecks are a rich source of history and our artistic past. There are thousands of wrecks in international waters that have yet to be found. “Archaeologists warn that with no international legal barriers, highly-sophisticated and well-funded multinational corporations seeking specific shipwrecks for the booty they may contain, will turn the high seas into the Wild West.” – The Art Newspaper


One of Britain’s top music administrators has launched an attack on violinist Kennedy for his manner of dress and the way he speaks. In return Kennedy fired back with a letter in The Times: Such comments “merely serve to demonstrate the typical arrogance of a self-appointed guardian of the arts world,” he wrote. He went on to lambaste “ill-informed classical music administrators who consciously encourage exclusivity, refusing to embrace those outside their spectacularly precious world.” Sonicnet


Six months after Australian Ballet artistic director Ross Stretton announced his departure, the company fills his position: 36 year-old David McAllister, a principal dancer in the company for 11 years. While lacking the managerial experience and international contacts of his predecessor, McAllister is said to be well-liked by the dancers and intends to focus his energies on re-connecting with contacts abroad. – The Age (Melbourne)

  • SOMETHING OF A SURPRISE: “Some expressed concern about his lack of management experience and that he had not danced for any length of time with any other company.” The Australian‘s Melbourne dance critic said he was “absolutely gobsmacked by the appointment, having rated McAllister as an outside chance”. The Australian 08/31/00