Warren Beatty addressed Hollywood democrats Wednesday night amid hoopla fit for a president. Will he run? Still dunno, but the scene was delish. 
Daily Variety 9/30/99
AND: Some more scene-setting – hear it. NPR 9/30/99
    AND: WILL WARREN RUN? Warren Beatty makes a speech Wednesday night – might clarify his political ambitions for presidency. 
Kansas City Star (Reuters) 9/19/99
ALSO: Memo from LA Weekly: PLEASE do it Warren – here’s why. LA Weekly 9/30/99


The Bolshoi’s performance of  Balanchine’s “Symphony in C,” Wednesday night at Lincoln Center began a day earlier with a backstage drama. The first movement of the classic was led on Wednesday night by Anastasia Goriacheva, who was celebrating her 19th birthday. Yet until Tuesday, she had never even rehearsed the role; when another of the company’s rising young stars, injured herself, Ms. Goriacheva was plucked out of the corps to replace her and put into nonstop rehearsal mode.” – New York Times