Ten years ago the Alvin Ailey Dance Company was in the red. A decade into Judith Jamison’s direction, now it’s got the largest budget of any modern dance company and popular and critical success. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that Judy is the principal reason that Ailey is one of the few modern-dance companies that’s survived the death of its founder,” says Ailey board president Henry McGee. – New York Magazine


Oregon’s Ashland Shakespeare Festival is one of the biggest regional theater operations in the US – 762 performances of 11 plays at three theaters from February to November. This year’s season was its most successful, with attendance of 374,246 and box office revenues of $9.9 million. Now a judge has ordered the company to open its books to a critic who has characterized the theater as “a medieval kingdom generating record revenues on the backs of nonunion workers.” (AP) Seattle Times