From Screen To Book (How Long Till The Napster Of Publishing?)

“The role of a 21st-century publisher is making books available offline and on., a self-publishing startup, will invite 600 bloggers this week to test out its new service by creating a free bound copy of their blog. It’s a fresh shot across the bow to traditional publishers in an industry already facing disruptive changes … Continue reading “From Screen To Book (How Long Till The Napster Of Publishing?)”

Fulfilling The Promise Of Napster (Legally?)

Napster creator Shawn Fanning is back, and he’s got a new plan for music. “He doesn’t simply want to impose fees for the same songs that are available through Apple’s iTunes and other stores. He wants to create an open system that would allow anyone with music to share – big labels and garage bands … Continue reading “Fulfilling The Promise Of Napster (Legally?)”

Grokster Follows Napster Down The Path Of Legality

The file-sharing service known as Grokster has thrown in the towel in its battle against the recording industry, which has accused it of facilitating online piracy of copyrighted material. As part of the settlement, Grokster will halt distribution of its software entirely and pay $50 million in damages. It is also acknowledging on its website … Continue reading “Grokster Follows Napster Down The Path Of Legality”

Napster Users Ditch CDs

Heavy-duty music downloaders say they’re no longer buying CDs. “Some 150,000 of Napster UK’s 750,000 members say they no longer buys CDs, the company has revealed. And Napster UK manager Leanne Sharman said it was “a matter of time” before downloading overtook high street shops as the most popular way to buy music.”