Classical Music’s Real Diversity Problem? Class

Today, the genre is grappling with what, on the surface, might seem like an entirely different aspect of its legacy: the historical lack of diversity in its orchestras and ensembles. The truth is that these legacies could hardly be more intertwined: Economic discrimination has produced diversity dramas of all sorts. Yet you’d never know this … Continue reading “Classical Music’s Real Diversity Problem? Class”

The Solution To Classical Music’s Diversity Problem Is At Youth Orchestra Los Angeles

Mark Swed: “In the end, systemic diversity can be pushed by circumstance, like we’ve had in this year of upset. But it can’t be shoved. Within the next year or two, we will be able to celebrate more people of color at orchestras and other institutions. Hiring, however, could be limited by the sheer economic … Continue reading “The Solution To Classical Music’s Diversity Problem Is At Youth Orchestra Los Angeles”

NASDAQ Proposes Rule To Diversify Boards. Will It Accomplish Diversity?

The experience of some high-profile tech companies calls into question whether a diverse board leads to a more diverse workforce. Straight white men are a minority on the boards at Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google parent Alphabet. None of the four would have to make changes to comply with Nasdaq’s rule. But none has shown … Continue reading “NASDAQ Proposes Rule To Diversify Boards. Will It Accomplish Diversity?”

Reconsidering The Diversity Of Classical Music

“Classical music is diversifying not just on account of contemporary composers, but thanks to increased awareness of figures who were famous in their day but have since been forgotten, covered up or sidelined. The history of classical music is much more complex and diverse than the impression given by the canon as we know it … Continue reading “Reconsidering The Diversity Of Classical Music”

Touting It Up: Public Radio’s Diversity Audit

Public radio has a problem. In 2019, NPR’s newsroom was more than 70 percent white. The same year, 83 percent of the voices heard on its national shows were white, too. According to the most recent State of the System report by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, in 2018, just 23 percent of people working … Continue reading “Touting It Up: Public Radio’s Diversity Audit”

The Case For Local Diversity Versus Globalism

It boils down to two concepts that sound simple but have profound implications: First, shorter distances are healthier than longer distances for commerce and human interaction; second, diversification — one farmer growing a dozen crops, for example — is healthier than monoculture, which is what globalization tends to create, whether it’s bananas or mobile phones. … Continue reading “The Case For Local Diversity Versus Globalism”

Museum Votes To Sell Prized Jackson Pollock To Fund Diversity

Its sale will fund acquisitions of work by artists of color, women artists, and other marginalized artists underrepresented in the museum’s collection. The early Pollock painting will be included in Christie’s New York Evening Sale of 20th and 21st Century Art on October 6 and is estimated to sell for between $12 and 18 million. … Continue reading “Museum Votes To Sell Prized Jackson Pollock To Fund Diversity”